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Why You Should Like Vriska Serket

Okay I’m really passionate about Vriska for many reasons. Yes I know she’s dangerous and can be nasty, but all in all she’s a really good person in her own unique way.

Vriska knows she isn’t really ‘good’ and she knows that what she does can be cruel. That’s just who she is, and she’s fine with it. She recognizes her faults and lives up to them

Vriska does kill multiple people throughout her times, but not always for a bad reason. When she was younger and still she kills to feed her lusus, the one who raised her, her only true family. Many people she killed because it was for the best, yet she still felt bad for killing them.

Vriska felt bad about having to kill her friends.

In this scene Vriska knows she’s a bad person, yet she still does what she thinks is right. She’s only been doing what’s for the greater good. She does good things in her own special way and that makes her her own hero, not anybody else’s.

She’s saying it doesn’t matter if your judged and that she doesn’t care. She’s saying that she will stay true to herself no matter what, until the very end, because she doesn’t want to lose herself to this game.

Vriska is a character that despite not always taking the nice road out, she takes her own road, and that’s all that matters. Vriska is someone who knows who she is, and doesn’t care what others think. She will be herself until the very end, and that’s what I like about her. She’s her, and always will be.